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Here we go! Let's travel with TRObuy

Let's TRObuy Travel With Me

Now you travel ready without spending money.

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great responsible to make income


Be a great responsible help to buy traveller

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shop the unknow long journey


Resolve shopper long journey destinations

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Why you should know about TRObuy

TRObuy inspired to help traveller earn money while travelling and at the same time promotes borderless shopping for shoppers.

Post Enquiry

Step 1: Post Enquiry

Provide a borderless shopping platform to help shopper purchase limited or less popular products.

Traveller Offers

Step 2: Traveller Offers

Shopper can choose to accept or reject based on traveller offered price and return date.

Traveller Purchase & Delivers

Step 3: Traveller Purchase & Delivers

Traveller will carry out their responsibility to purchase requested item from oversea while travelling and delivery it to shopper upon returning to Malaysia.

Release Payment

Step 4: Release Payment

Traveller payment will be reimbursed after acknowledgement within 3 working days.

Shop Global Products

As a brand new international ecommerce, TRObuy is able to fulfil shopper needs by allowing use to key in their desired item on "Help to buy".

  • Shop Global
  • Oversea Traveller
  • Post Enquiry
  • Help To Buy

Getting Trending Products

Focused on bringing in the latest and hottest item from other corner of the world into own country. TRObuy will help shopper get whatever they are looking for.

  • Traveller Offers
  • Shopping List
  • Long Journey
  • TRObuy Apps

How TRObuy work?

  • 1Buyer can shop through available oversea products online.
  • 2Buyer can request for help to buy certain product.
  • 3Traveller respond to request and earn income for own travel.
  • 4Traveller can collects points for redemption

Browse requests by countries

TRObuy resolve! The unknow long journey destinations.


Shopping International

TRObuy brings the joy of global shopping to your everyday device. With just a few simple taps, you can shop through hundreds of oversea products from various category without breaking a sweat. By using TRObuy, you get to shop for limited edition or seasonal product. If your desired product isn't readily available, you can request for "Help to buy", and traveller on TRObuy will help you make your purchase oversea after confirmation.

Travel, Sell & Earn

TRObuy provides a system that allow traveller to sell items during or after travelling. Traveller can also respond to "Help to buy" request by shopper online and earn income by doing so.

  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Credit cards
  • Mobile
  • Travel bag
  • Snack
  • Map

Trobuy Assistance

For any enquiry or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will try our best to give prompt respond within 24 hours. You are most welcome to reach us at [email protected]