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About Us

About Us

TRObuy is a newly launched E-commerce platform, inspired to help traveller earn extra money while travelling. Our goal is to make world trending items available for everyone at reasonable price.

With our comprehensive mobile apps, we aspire to make good use of travellers extra luggage space by bringing in oversea goods. While doing so, we want shopper to experience a limitless shopping sensation, hassle free.

How to enhance your travel experience with TRObuy?

Be a helping traveller for shopper on TRObuy and earn some money.

Post Enquiry

Step 1: Post Enquiry

Provide a global shopping platform to resolve shopper needs of buying limited and exclusive oversea product by just posting enquiry on the apps.

Traveller Offers

Step 2: Traveller Make Offers

Traveller will offer on shopper enquiries and shopper can choose to accept or decline based on the offered price and returning date.

Traveller Purchase & Delivers

Step 3: Traveller Travel, Purchase & Deliver

Traveller will purchase requested item as agreed during their travel and deliver it upon returning to Malaysia.

Release Payment

Step 4: Release Payment

Traveller will be reimbursed with payment after acknowledgement of receiving the item by shopper within 3 working days.