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Let's just happy TROBuy iOS Shopping Trobuy Sdn Bhd iOS 10.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 1.0.1 4.6 58864 0.00 TROBuy Android Shopping Trobuy Sdn Bhd Android 4.2 and up 1.0.1 4.3 538864 0.00

App available for Android and Iphone.

How it Works

TRObuy is a brand new peer-to-peer marketplace mobile apps. We provide different functionality on our app which allow traveller to earn while travel and shopper can enjoy cross border shopping.

By using our apps, user can instantly discover the world latest trend and being shopping. There are hundreds of global traveller up there eagerly waiting to fill up shopper enquiry as well.

It is a win-win scenario for both parties. So, let's begin your TRObuy journey today.

Traveller Earn Money While Travel

(Sell some product during travelling by using Trobuy)

- Traveller

Shopper -

Earn Money While Travel

(Fully utilise luggage space, sell something during your travel and earn)

Cross Border Shopping

(By just a simple click to shop worldwide)

Shopping for others

(Earn extra by offer to help shopper to fulfil their enquiry)

Post Enquiry

(Fulfil own desire by request traveller to help to buy something from oversea)

Payment Safety

Shopper need to clear payment to confirm purchase.

Payment Safety

Trobuy will release the payment to traveller after shopper received the product.

Get to travel and earn Money

Travel and earn bring double happiness.

Convenience of Shopping with Trobuy

Just a click and waiting for traveller to bring back the product.

Fun Marketer Peer To Peer App

Earn Money while Travel | Cross Border Shopping |
Welcome to the brand new TRObuy, Malaysia 1st mobile app that allows traveller to earn money while travelling and at the same time creates a cross border shopping platform for buyer. TRObuy always thrives to satisfy all user. Don't hesitate, go download TRObuy now and begin your amazing experience.

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There are absolutely no charges for enrolling or registering as TRObuy member.

Traveller can post product for sales during their travel which in turn bring income for them. Aside from that, traveller can "Offer to help" by responding to enquiry requested by shopper.

Traveller may take pre-order however selling item must complete all trading procedure within 90 days from the offered date.

Shopper get to experience global shopping by shopping through available products on the app as posted by travellers. They can also request for their desired item if it isn't available at that time.

1. Credit card
2. Bank Transfer
3. ATM Transfer

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App available for Android and Iphone.

Also available on the website.