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Stylenanda needs no further introduction for any avid Korea fashion lover. Stylenanda has been leading the Korea online fashion industry, specializing in female clothing. Stylenanda clothing focuses on giving out a sweet chick vibe. The items they sell are of a wide range as well. Ranging from hoodie, crop top, crop jeans to frill dress and lot more, making young girls uncontrollably fond of this awesome brand.


Charm’s is one of top hipster brand in Korea and has been worn by a lot of Korean idols. The brand features a series of cloth that brings out street swags, vibrant and sporty vibes. Their recent best seller is none other than the Kappa hoodie & tracksuit series. It redefines old-school sport wear by adding class to it with their minimalist style.


Founded by its world famous owner Kathleen Kye, Kye is simply the most sought after brand in today Korea fashion. Kye has said her design direction is focused on fresh, fun, edgy concept and with the application of ultra-vivid colour which makes her design a complete standout. The brand was also featured on New York Fashion week in 2011 and widely patronized by big names like Rihanna, Big Bang, Hyuna, Rita Ora and lots more.


SJYP features a young, playful fashion style designed by the husband and wife powerhouse, Steve K and Yoni P. The label main designs revolve around 90’s denim jeans and widely endorse the unisex concept. Their best seller are ripped denim style of jackets, jeans, hats and vets which has been featured on numerous Korean films and K-pop scene. Best part it? Their cloths are all available at an affordable price!


Like the label name suggests, Mixxmix is a streetwear brand that highly endorses the concept of mix and matching. Most of their cloths are consist of pastel colour design, which make it easy to mix and match the cloth thanks to its bright and light tone. Considering the quality and its designs, it is definitely worth the price.


Chuu is one of the most popular and affordable brands on Seoul streets. Featuring girlish but sexy women wear, Chuu has been a major trend setter for fashion in Korea. Aside from their main clothing line, they also have their own beauty cosmetic product, handbags, shoes, accessories and lingerie series which make their store the ultimate one-stop shopping heaven for all women.


Fans of K-pop or Korea fashion are definitely no stranger to the brand, PlayNoMore. Its iconic whimsical eyes design with fluttery lashes can be seen all across Seoul streets. Their signature item, the lady bag is definitely a must for any woman wardrobe collection.  Aside from that, their nails arts, phone casing are all popular item as well in Korea. So if you are a fan of outrageous, edgy and glittering fashion, PlayNoMore is your best bling partner.


87mm prided on their fashion quote, “No Concept, But Good Fashion Sense”. Founder, Wonjoong Kim and Jiwoon Park are model turned designer. They believe fashion is not limited to just fashion concept and freely expresses their definition of fashion with their carefree designs. Most of their items are comfy, casual, freestyle streetwear that has its own swag-ness. How popular are they? Their first flagship store went sold out in 4 days upon launching!


RocketxLunch is one of the hottest high fashion in Korea. The label displays one of a kind design through mixing the best from Korea and European fashion sense. Their collections are classy, elegant and edgy making it the perfect wear for all trend setters out there.  


Lucky Chouette means Lucky Owl in French. Founder JaeHyun KIm was inspired by the wise and classy vibe of an owl when she started designing her clothes. The label concepts are variegated/street orientated style which is exactly what is loved by fashionista(s) today. Their products include T-shirts, spring jacket, ruffle blouse, pants and more. Some of the brand patrons are first tier Korean actress like Gong Hyo Jin, Park Shin Hye, Go Jun Hee as well as fashionista Irene Kim.