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5 Popular Fashion Outlets in Thailand !

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5 Popular Fashion Outlets in Thailand !


A renowned designer brand from Thailand, Seneda focuses on making quality feminine clothing. They blends lady-couture with vintage and the right amount of Thai inspired design. Their product is the perfect combination of class, modern and traditional. Women who wore this are known to have excellent fashion sense.


Lyn Around features girly fashion with a blend of Paris chic and Japanese sass fashion. Wearing their cloth will gives off a dreamy and girly look which is much sought after by young girls today.  


Those who wants likes artsy and youthful fashion, DA + PP is a brand that you wouldn’t want to miss. This unisex label offer a range of different clothing including eccentric denim, contemporary chic, graphic street wear, vintage style cloths and lots more. With the right matching, you will definitely stand out in the crowd with DA + PP.


Camp host a series of local designer fashion in Thailand. It is the best place if you are looking for the trendiest and hot selling fashion of the season. The affordable price will get you splurging as well, so be warned!


If DA + PP is the go to fashion for artsy loving fashionistas, Something Bourdoir is the go-to for sweet and Disney inspired fashion lover. The label houses some of the brightest and whimsical print of candy coloured designs. Something Boudoir is well received all around thanks to its one-of a kind style.