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5 Popular Fashion Outlets in Thailand !


A renowned designer brand from Thailand, Seneda focuses on making quality feminine clothing. They blends lady-couture with vintage and the right amount of Thai inspired design. Their product is the perfect combination of class, modern and traditional. Women who wore this are known to have excellent fashion sense.


Lyn Around features girly fashion with a blend of Paris chic and Japanese sass fashion. Wearing their cloth will gives off a dreamy and girly look which is much sought after by young girls today.  


Those who wants likes artsy and youthful fashion, DA + PP is a brand that you wouldn’t want to miss. This unisex label offer a range of different clothing including eccentric denim, contemporary chic, graphic street wear, vintage style cloths and lots more. With the right matching, you will definitely stand out in the crowd with DA + PP.


Camp host a series of local designer fashion in Thailand. It is the best place if you are looking for the trendiest and hot selling fashion of the season. The affordable price will get you splurging as well, so be warned!


If DA + PP is the go to fashion for artsy loving fashionistas, Something Bourdoir is the go-to for sweet and Disney inspired fashion lover. The label houses some of the brightest and whimsical print of candy coloured designs. Something Boudoir is well received all around thanks to its one-of a kind style.

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Must-Buy Souvenirs When You Visit Thailand !

Thailand has always been known as one of the best vacation spot in South East Asia and people are seen to be surging the country more often than ever. Aside from its renowned Thai massage and beautiful beaches, the main highlight for your trip to Thailand is to shop until you drop! For those of you who are feeling left out from the shopping bandwagon, fret not, we are here to save your day with our top 15 items to buy in Thailand.


1. Tao Kae Noi Seaweed

Tao Kae Noi is easily the first thing that comes to mind when picking souvenir to bring back from Thailand. This seaweed product is so viral that they have to setup a store at Terminal 21 just to accommodate their customer flow. The seaweed features a series of flavour such as the original flavour, tomato flavour, hot and spicy flavour, Tomyam flavour as well as seafood flavour. Make sure you don’t miss out this crispy, crunchy and cheap seaweed.

2. Bento Super Squids

For those of you who favour spicy stuff, this is one snack that you wouldn’t want to miss. This squid made snack has 4 flavours to choose from; garlic, spicy, extreme spicy and Thai-styled sour and spicy. For first timer, it is recommended to try out the garlic flavour (blue packaging), while the spicy lover can check out the spicier and chewy snacks in other three flavours. 

3. Royal Milk Tablet

Made and manufactured in Thailand, Royal Milk Tablet is a popular souvenir to bring back from Thailand as well. This snack comes in round, tablet shape and they are packaged into small packages and made available in various 7-11 outlet and supermarket. It has two flavours for customer to choose from, original and chocolate. Both are special in its own way. 


4. Mistine Face Powder

Mistine cosmetic is a well-received cosmetic brand in Thailand and their most popular product is none other than their face powder from Wings series. It comes in 3 colour tones; S1 is for fair skin, S2 for natural colour, S3 for wheat colour. It also prevents the sun's rays with SPF25/PA + + and can be used wet or dry as a foundation or for touch-ups. Best part of it, it is cheap and affordable for everyone!

5. Sivanna two tone Lipstick (HF 558)

This lipstick is definitely a stealer for girls out there. With just 1 lipstick, it can produces 4 shades of lipstick makeup, making your Korean girl look a dream comes true. The coolest thing about it is there is a build-in lip gloss as well on the bottom side of the lipstick. This will definitely redefines your expectation for a lipstick!

6. Beauty Cottage Victoria Perfume Solid Balm

Beauty Cottage is a cosmetic product brand in Thailand which is known for its lipstick series. However, we are recommending its solid perfume from the Victoria series. Packed in vintage style, the Victoria series features two scents of perfume; The Memories of Love, a cotton flower scented perfume and Love Nostalgia, a rose scented perfume. Best part of it? The essence of a whole bottle of perfume has now been condensed to a pocket size solid balm, perfect for girl who always stays out-door!


7. Innit

Innit is a designer brand from Thailand. Well known for its incorporation of water lily leaves in their design, their clothing adopted cotton candy colour palette, which brings a sweet and cheerful vibe to the wearer. Innit stores are available at Siam Square and also The Circle.

8. Zhoelala

While Jelly Bunny is probably the first name that comes to your mind when mentioning jelly flip-flops, Thailand also has it very own brand of jelly flip-flops called Zhoelala. It‘s simple yet vibrant design has successfully captured the love from the public. If you are interested, there are 4 retail stores available at Platinum Fashion Mall, Terminal 21, Chatuchak Weekend Market and Pattaya Float Market Chonburi Outlet. Make sure to check them out!

9. Naraya 

Naraya is the hottest selling designer bag in Thailand that goes by the motto of quality goods at affordable prices. Their products range from, handbag, sling bag, purse to backpack, everything for you to pick at your liking. Best part of it, their products are known to be high in durability at a very affordable price. It would be a lost to not own a Naraya bag yourself!


10. Mama Instant Noodle 

Youtuber(s) have tried it and so should you! Mama instant noodle is so popular in the country so much so it makes up 50% of the market sales for instant noodle in Thailand. Nevertheless, the taste is so delicious that it is guaranteed that you will be asking for more after your first bite. It is available throughout the country in various grocery store and supermarket. 

11. Cha Tra Mue (Traditional Thai Milk Tea)

Cha Tra Mue is something hard to miss while travelling to Thailand. This drink is so common that a lot of local consume this milk tea on daily basis. Allow yourself to drown in the richness of the red tea blended with a strong milky sensation from the condensed milk. It is a match made in heaven! Cha Tra Mue also known as the Thumbs brand has been established since 1945, and today their products includes red tea, green tea as well as premium grade tea leaves. Cha Tra Mue is available at Terminal 21, Gourmet Market and Don Mueang International Airport.

12. Royal Project Honey

Royal Project Honey is one of the most common souvenirs to be brought back from Thailand. It is popular for its sweet yet natural taste, and its tube-shaped packaging makes it easy to carry around especially for those who need to travel on plane. So make sure to get yourself one if you ever came across it while travelling in Thailand. It is available at Royal Project Shop as well as selected 7-11 stores throughout the country. 


13. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder

Snake Brand is a special heat resisting powder manufacture in Thailand since 1892. The long history of the product is the living prove of how well received is this product. The powder is extremely effective under hot weather because its highly ascorbic nature can keep the user skin clean, sweat prove and cool all day through. Todays, the powder has 5 scents to be selected from, classic, lavender, cool pink, ocean fresh and wild thanaka.  

14. Madame Heng’s Handmade Soap

Initially these soaps are exclusively used by the Royal Family of Thailand, but in recent years, Madama Heng’s handmade soap has been made available to the public. The soaps are made with 100% natural and organic materials which has medical purpose to treat various skin problems like acne and so on. There are a lot of types of soap being sold at Madam Heng’s. They also put a lot of effort into their packaging so it is definitely a good choice to present it to friends or family. 

15. SOFFELL Mosquito Repellent

SOFFELL mosquito repellent is a basic in any Thailand household. It is made of natural ingredient and poses no irritation threat. Its natural fragrance can last and be effective for over the period of 7 hours. Thanks to its small packaging, it is easy to carry along outdoor. Best seller for SOFFELL mosquito repellent is definitely the floral scented repellent. 

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