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  • The Traveller shall be notified after the payment for the goods has been made by the Shopper and the Company receives and/or verifies the said payment.
  • The Traveller shall deliver or cause the goods to be delivered to the Shopper in the following manner:
    • by personal delivery; or
    • by courier. The Traveller shall confirm the full and accurate details in relation to the delivery including but not limited to the name of the delivery company and consignment and/or tracking number through the Trobuy Platform to the Shopper.
  • Estimated product to be received by shopper within 3-5 working days after sending by traveller.
  • The goods shall be delivered by the Traveller within seven (7) days after the Traveller arrives in the country of residence of the Traveller failing which the Company reserves the right to refund all payments made for the goods to the Shopper without any prior notice. For avoidance of doubt, any refund shall not include the maintenance fee. The Company may in its absolute discretion refund the maintenance fee on a case-to-case basis (but does not have the obligation to do so).
  • The duration between the date of the offer was made by the Traveller and the date of the Traveller's arrival in the country of residence shall be not more than ninety (90) days.
  • The Shopper undertakes to obtain adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for the goods to insure against all risks.
  • The ownership of the goods shall remain with the Traveller until the goods have been received by the Shopper.
  • The Traveller bears all risk to the goods until the goods have been received at the delivery address provided by the Shopper save and except in such event any risk materialise which is not due to the fault and/or negligence of the Traveller.
  • Once the goods have been acknowledged received in any manner whatsoever, the Traveller and the Company shall not liable for any losses and damages, refunds and whatsoever otherwise demanded and/or claimed by the Shopper.
  • There shall be no exchanges and/or return of the goods in any circumstances.