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General FAQ

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General FAQ

There are absolutely no charges for enrolling or registering as TRObuy member.

Once you registered, your account name will be permanent and unchangeable.

Every phone numbers are only allowed to register once.

You may log in to your account using multiple devices.

No, there is no age limit to be a TRObuy member. However member are required to provide Malaysia bank account.

You can reach us by sending us email at [email protected] or 03-5026333 (Monday to Friday, 9am until 4pm). Please mention your contact number & username for our references to serve you in more efficient manner.

TRObuy wallet stores money from your refunds and sales proceeds. The sum of this money minus any withdrawals, will be reflected as your TRObuy wallet balance.

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Listings (requests/recommendations) which consist of, but not limited to, prohibited items, offensive, misleading, or intrusive content are considered inappropriate and will be removed at TRObuy's discretion. Any user who spots such listings can flag it as inappropriate. TRObuy will look into it as soon as possible and remove any of such listings if deemed fit. For a full list of items prohibited under TRObuy terms & conditions, please refer to link click

TRObuy only operates in Malaysia as of now. We are currently unable to accommodate requests from other countries and/cities.

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