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Traveller FAQ

Search "Help to buy" on home page follow by click on "More"

Step 1 : Click on Post

Step 2 : Choose "Post Product"

Step 3 : Describe and submit your product details

There is no charge for Travellers for fulfilling enquiry and Sell Product by using TRObuy Apps. However 5% maintenance fees will be added to your last offer price. (5% maintenance fees is used for TRObuy Apps Development)

The shipping fees charges need to be included by traveller when they offer the product price.

TRObuy does not allow selling of second hand product.

Payment will be released by the shopper, to the traveller, when the shopper acknowledges that he/she has received the item in good order, or 7 days after the traveller delivers the item.

(If the Traveller has confirmed delivery and if there's no dispute, TRObuy will transfer the reimbursement automatically within 7 days even if there's no acknowledgement from the Shopper.)

Traveller may take order of pre-order stock, however the selling item must complete all process within 90 days from the offered date.

Yes, you can cancel by clicking on "Cancel" Button