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Cancellation, Return And Refund

Buyer may apply for the return of the purchased item and refund prior to the expiry.

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Cancellation and/or Refund

  • The Shopper is entitled to cancel and/or reject any offer before payment is made by the Shopper and received by the Company.
  • The Traveller is entitled to terminate the agreement between the Traveller and Shopper if the goods are found to be out of stock.
  • The Company reserves all its rights to suspend and/or cancel any accepted offer on the Trobuy Platform at any time and for any reasons whatsoever including but not limited to insecure and/or suspicious activities (but does not have the obligation to do so). If the accepted offer is canceled by the Company, both the Traveller and Shopper hereby agree that the sole remedy shall be the refund of the payment made for the goods to the Shopper. For avoidance of doubt, the said refund shall not include the maintenance fee. The Company may in its absolute discretion refund the maintenance fee on a case-to-case basis (but does not have the obligation to do so).
  • The Shopper shall contact the customer service department of the Company and apply for the approval of the Company to refund the payment for the goods. The Company reserves all its rights including but not limited to rejecting the said application to refund if such refund is not in accordance with these terms and conditions and/or policies of the Company.
  • If the application to refund is approved, the Member shall allow at least seven (7) working days for the refunds to be processed. The said duration may be extended in the sole discretion of the Company.
  • For avoidance of doubt, the Company shall not be made liable to refund any maintenance fees under any circumstances.